Actionable YouTube SEO Techniques to Improve Subscriber Faster

Hello Guys, Today I will give some all-time best YouTube SEO techniques to increase your YouTube Subscriber faster.

And I assured you that if you apply the following YouTube SEO techniques to your  YouTube channel, Of Course, your channel will get massive subscribers than any other techniques in 2020 or later.

1 Schedule Maintain

Nowadays every single second is valuable for all.

And that’s why you should maintain a perfect schedule for uploading the videos and published them.

In research, the average time is 9 PM to 12 AM that every student, employees have to watch videos.

2 Catchy Thumbnail

People only clicked on the videos that have catchy thumbnail and details content related to the video.

So, in the same way, when you upload a video make a catchy thumbnail with relevant details of your video.

And then upload it, it will give you more clicks and views.

I would say the best way to make a crafty thumbnail is and another one is Photoshop if you know Photoshop elements.

3 Short Intro

The intro is the major problem that all YouTubers do, bad intro.

Yes, you heard the right bad intro.

If you follow the YouTubers who have millions of subscribers and views, they make their intro too relevant and short.

Because viewers want their needs on your video in a short method.

And a long intro will divert them to another video that has the most relevant intro and directly jumped to the subject.

Because you’ve already taken too much time to introduce yourself and your channel.

I will recommend you to make the intro just to give the short table of contents that you will cover in this video.

And don’t take a long time to ask them to subscribe, like, share, and all the other staff.

Because if you really make valuable videos for them they’ll subscribe to you undoubtedly.

The intro length should be a maximum of 15 to 30 seconds.

And These Youtube SEO Techniques will help you to a huge amount of subscribers faster.

4 Ask for Comments Yes/No

Are you a fan or follower of Neil Patel then, of course, you’ll notice that he is asking at least one question and the answers options are just Yes or no.

You should know he is a great digital marketing expert, and he knows hows the google algorithm and system are working.

And that’s why he just trying to convert more comments than any other competitors.

YouTube system may be affected on your videos if you convert more and more organic comments, and these techniques inform google that your viewers are actually getting something genuine and they really want more from you.

So, after this day try to ask at least one question to your viewers and request them to comment on their feedback with Yes or No.

5 Long Description

I’m sure that you are not familiar with text content. Yes! , then I’ve great tips for you.

Next time when you upload video content then write a long description of your video.

You may wanna know why information? , Because it’s worked on blogs.

Yes, you’re right but it worked on YouTube also.

Nowadays videos haven’t any information in the description, and other videos have more information related to the video and they are really relevant then the second video will be ranked better than the less- information videos.

Don’t worry I am telling you all the staff that you should write. Firstly make a long sentence from your title, and drop it on the first paragraph of the description.

After that tell the viewer why you made this video and why it’s important to them.

Next, you can cover all the table of contents you’ve made on this table, you can use the timing as well.

After that give some more information that’ll help viewers to learn more about it.

You can also use some external resources links, which will help you a lot to make it perfect.

After all the information staff you can use your affiliate links here, like your camera, mic, desktop,pc, laptop, tripod, etc.

If you have a website then you can sponsor other’ technical platforms like hosting, theme, SEO, etc.

Now you’ve done all the external resources and affiliate links now you can input your personal links like website, Facebook, Instagram, contact page’s link, subscribe link, and the rest you want to input there.

6 Resources & Links – YouTube SEO

As before I said you can add external links to your youtube videos, but here are some deadlines that you should know and follow.

First of all, make sure the external links are valid and the links are not void of the community guidelines.

Suppose you have added an external link that redirects to a website, but the website has unexpected content, like sexual videos & images, fewer privacy content, and pop-ups then youtube can strike your channel.

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7 Related Video Links

When you upload a new video then always try to add some more videos link in the description.

It will help the viewers to navigate more related tutorials from you.

But always try to add the related videos, don’t add the videos that are not-relate to your current video.

8 Questions on Description:

If you’re a blogger and you follow pro bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean then you must know always you should add some questions to the reader at the top of your content, the same techniques you can apply on youtube.

Add some questions related to your video at the beginning of the description.

These YouTube SEO techniques will attract more to read your description and make concentration to video.

9 Add Hashtags – YouTube SEO

YouTube is changing its system day by day, as before you know you can add tags related to your video and they worked for SEO purposes.

But now hashtags are coming, and its workings on YouTube as well…

10 Relevant Title 

11 “WH” in the Title

12 Social Shares

13 Video Length

Most of the YouTubers don’t know about the video length and never applied.

But it is also a good fact that you should follow it again.

When you’re going to make a video then give it a nice length, at least 3 and a half minutes. Because a research wiki says the videos have more than 3 and half-length are ranked better than shorter.

But here is another fact also you need to know if you make a tutorial video and that might be longer than 30 minutes then go for series.

It will help your viewers to follow up on your tutorials one by one.

14 Use the relevant keywords in your Title

15 More Videos links

As before I said linked your more videos links in the description, but try to maintain the categories links.

This means when you linked a video in the description then give only similar content videos, or resources video links.

It will convert you to more views.

16 Outro Speech

Most of the YouTubers did a mistake on the outro.

When you complete a speech about your content don’t ask your requirements to do subscribe, share, like, and all.

Except all ask some questions to the viewers, are they satisfied, or need more details and ask to do comments theirs need, that’ll help you to make the next video and also helps you to find the next topic you should cover for your viewers.

After all these you can simply ask them to subscribe to get more relevant videos from you.

That’s all, don’t get spammy, likes, comments are generally convert automatically if your content is relevant and informative.

17 Comments Reply

In the comments Yes/No section you’ve got the idea how you can get more comments now, that’s not the final deal.

Now you’ve to reply to every comment they need to know from you.

When you reply to them they will be engaged again with you and it’s a positive sign for you.

That they really viewed your videos and they got something from you and they create some queries to know.

So, attend to all the comments, and if it’s required to reply to them of course do.

This will helps you for SEO purposes too.

18 Cooperate with other YouTubers

19 Use Ubersuggest to generate killer keywords

20 Optimize keywords like Video, Guide, Tips, in the title

You can do linking like Blog-Youtube and Youtube to Blog