Meeting at Night

Meeting at night, under starry skies,
With just the moon to light our eyes,
Walking together, hand in hand,
Along the shore, on this stretch of sand.

The waves crash gently at our feet,
As we make our way, so fleet,
The sea air cool, the breeze so light,
Guiding us through this magical night.

We talk of dreams and plans for life,
Of joy and love, of hope and strife,
Sharing our hearts and our deepest fears,
Finding comfort in each other’s ears.

The hours pass, the stars fade low,
But still we stand, in this afterglow,
For this moment, in time, we share,
Is one that we’ll both hold so dear.

So let us stay, and let us bask,
In this beauty, in this moment passed,
For when we part, and go our way,
We’ll always have this night, to remember and say.

Never Stop Overthinking 🤫

Never Stop Overthinking 🤫

Everyone would say ” Stop Overthinking”

But if you limit your thinking level then nothing more will come to your mind out of the box…

Every time when you overthink then there must be a possible chance to happen either good or bad things. But every time the experience will be different and you must learn something new if you win then you must think again of something different out of the box, but if you lose then you will get to know about the mistake and next time surely you will win.

Keep overthinking, keep experimenting, and keep learning…