Email Writing Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Email Writing Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Email Writing Techniques Everyone Should Follow:
Are you using email?
Many bugs are there when you’re sending an email?
Do you know how to make a professional email id?
How to send a formal email to your client or boss?

Email is a primary way to send a document or any transferable files to client, boss, friends, or family which should not be a physical file because email can be performed only between two electronic devices. So, follow these email writing tips and tricks to write a professional email.

Nowadays, every educated person should have an email account, and to know how to send or receive an email.

But for students or a friend circle they can send or receive emails on any types or any methods, but when it comes to an official email then you should know it very well and perform on it like a professional.

So, let’s know email writing properly at any stages and fixes the common mistakes.

Choose a Proper Email Id:

Email id is another identity of a person because it’s a unique address to a person. So, before choosing a random email id make sure about it has contained with your name.

If your name is not available completely then you can use numeric value, it can be your year of birth or any 2-3 serials number.

For a company or an Institute, you can use Year or Establishment with its name as a suffix.

“Don’t use the keyword in your mail id like -rock, guru, boss, lovely, hero etc.”

Upload a Formal Profile Picture:

For personal email, you should use a formal profile picture. And before you upload a picture you should follow the instructions-

  • You can use the picture with a formal dress, it’s maybe a company’s, school, or a simple single color dress.
  • Use a single color background (White, blue), don’t use any scenery as background.
  • The uploaded picture should not have any expression which looking occurred, Just a simple smile.
  • For company email, you can use a company’s logo or if you’re a client you can your picture with company’s logo.

Email Writing:

To write a professional email you should follow some basic steps. So, let’s see the steps-

STEP-1: Subject Line

professional email writing

     33% of emails recipients open email based on the subject line, either it’s required or spam.And 69% of email recipients report email as SPAM based on subject.So, write a meaningful subject to attract readers attraction thinking immediately about your mail.

How to write an attractive Subject Line? , Here are some tips to write exactly like a professional-

      • Most of the emails are checked on mobile first, so the subject should contain 3-6 words.
      • Start your subject line what’s is it about?
      • And Why it is important?
        –here is some examples

“Meeting: At James Hotel at 9 O’ Clock”

“[Urgent]: Send This Month’s Report ASAP “

“Resolve the Server Issues”

“Application for Job at your Office “

STEP-2: Email  Salutation & Closing

Email Salutation: Composing a Business Email or official email then start your mail with an appropriate salutation. Here some example of the different  situations:

email salutaion


Email  Closing: For professional email, you should use the closing tag very simple and formal. Ignore the difficult phrase to become more famous 🙂

You can  use like these,

email closing tag


Image of Email Salutation

STEP-3: Your Message:

For a proper email, you should follow just a few methods,  what to do and what not to do:

  • Colour: For a formal email you should use any one color and black is most recommended.  But if you wanna hyperlink a text then you can use blue, and yellow to highlight any color. Don’t use any color which will make difficulties for your recipients.
  • Font Family: For the all email user’s mostly recommended font style are “ Arial, Sans Serif, Georgia “.
  • Font Size: For email writing, font size should contain withing 11-14 px (Normal ).
  • Formatting: To highlight any text you can use B(Bolt) tag, (Italic), U  (Under Line).
  • Alignment: Always use left alignment for all type of mail. For a long paragraph, you can use Justify Alignment if you can.
  • Attachment: If you are sending more than 3 files then you can compress your files to a single file, which will help you to send at once and your recipients also to download at once.
  • Link Building: If you have to mention or add any link,  and the link is too long then you can use the hyperlink method to mention the same link.  Like,  Download Link, Click Here
  • Imoji: For professional emails, you should strictly avoid the emojis.


email link building


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