WhatsApp Web can Missuses During Mobile’s Data Off

Recently Whatsapp introduced a new WhatsApp Web feature, that allows you to access and send messages without data enabled on your phone. That means after you logged in to WhatsApp Web, you can turn off your mobile data or Wifi, and still, you can use your Weblogging as well.

I was surprised and very excited after knowing this feature and enjoying this for a moment in my office. But when I was leaving my office and was checking my phone notifications panel, there were no notifications that indicate that I’m logged in to the web.

So surprising, even this feature will also disable the notification pop-up on mobile, that I am running my WhatsApp Web and logged in.

This means, that if I forget to log out, then anyone can use my WhatsApp for a moment even if my phone’s data is turned off.

So, if you are frequently using this WhatsApp Web, on a third-party Pc, like an office, or Cafe then make sure you logged out every time during the checkout time.