Why I Decided to remove Truecaller

I am not telling you to uninstall the app right now, it’s your own choice. But I would like to know you the facts about it and its privacy.

Even I was loving it a lot, because it alerts me always, who is calling and where it from.

But for a few benefits, I have lost lots of private data that may I would never share with anyone.

And here I am talking about all the features truecaller has and how they work.

If you go through the privacy policy page you can see how much data they are taking from you. Some of them with your permission and some aren’t.

Data May Request to access while using Truecaller

Camera Permission :

For some requirements like profile photo add truecaller can access your camera. But these requirements need once, even truecaller asks permission while installing the app. Even after adding your profile photo, it’s not necessary. So, uncheck the camera after adding the profile photo.

Read and Modify Contacts :

Truecaller app is working completely depended on one the contact or your phonebook. Even you have not created your profile on truecaller, other truecaller may know your name, based on the truecaller database name. And when installed the app it’ll ask to read your contact and sometimes it can modify your contacts as well.

For some more features, truecaller can find other accounts on your device. To perform more benefits for you.

Location :

Truecaller app asks for location permission at the time of installation, and this knocks me again. Why the location is required?

Even this permission release users’ privacy. So, uncheck this permission now, if you’re still using the truecaller app.

Microphone :

This is a calling app, so it’s can require microphone permission. So, I have nothing to say about this.

But, this app can record calls as well, and this is an online-based app, so your recording can be accessed from others if someone steals your login access. So, be safe about this.

Call Logs:

As truecaller privacy declaration, it can access our all calls log even if they need they can modify it as well. As we gave the permission at the time of installation.

SMS Access:

Truecaller is also a messaging app, and it can read and read messages while we get an SMS. The shocking fact is it can read as faster as the phone’s default messaging application.

And I noticed that when we get some OTP for any type of Authentication code, truecaller trying to read the message. For that reason, I was scared that if someone able to hack my truecaller application then my all OTP can be accessed from other places and they can misuse it before I used this.


Truecaller is a call identifying app, then it’s asking for accessing my storage. And it asks for the storage accessing permission for local backup, but it also can modify or delete my storage’s content as well. Which is very dangerous. Not only that it can read all the content available on my SD card.

Other Permission:

  • Truecaller can disable screen lock during the incoming calls
  • Can draw over other apps
  • Route call through systems
  • View Network Connection
  • Can disable battery optimization feature
  • Can control vibration
  • It can change network connectivity
  • It can change audio settings
  • Can modify Bluetooth connection and pair with devices

So, here I have shown all the features and setting can modify or access truecaller on your phone. So, consider them and be alert and tell me still you need it!

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