Guideline for Preparing a Project Report

There are three stages of a Project Report that can be made.

  1. Proposal Project Report
  2. On-Going Project Report
  3. Completion Project Report

Mostly we prefer the first one first, to have some basic idea of the costing and other materials stuff, also to get a loan from the bank.

So, here is some basic point that we can cover in our project file, and we can have a detailed note on every point.

  1. Cover or Title Page
  2. Acknowledgment & Profile of the Business
  3. Table of Content
  4. Summary of a Project
  5. Project Contributors Profile
  6. Scope of the Project
  7. Product & Services Offered
  8. Market Potential & Strategy of the Project
  9. Cost of the Project
  10. Means of the Finance
  11. Working Capital Computation
  12. Projected Sales & Profit
  13. Projected Salary & Wages
  14. Projected Depreciation
  15. Repayment Plan of Term Loan
  16. Provision for Taxation
  17. Projected Profit Statement
  18. Projected Cash Flow Statement
  19. Projected Balance sheet
  20. Debt Service Coverage Ration
  21. Break-Even Point
  22. Asset Coverage Ration
  23. Sensitivity Analysis
  24. Conclusion

These are some bullets to cover up. Hope you get the point to make a project report.

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