Essential Skills to Know Before Applying for a Job

Seeking a Job is very stressful, but if you prepared very well with some powerful skills, then it will be easier to get one.

What Skills they are, and how it can be helpful?

Don’t worry, I am giving you the brief details of each skills you need. And of course with sources as well.

Now all the private and public sectors are getting online and computerized.

So, you should have at least some basic knowledge of that.

Let’s begin and discuss…


All the tasks are now doing online, like documents sending and receiving, communication with companies, and so on.

So, you have to know the technologies behind that.

All the documents are now sending via emails, and everyone has their personal unique email id. Basically, we call it as mail address.

And there are so many popular online email platforms. Like Outlook, Rediffmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail.

Most people use Gmail as their favorite email platform, and that only because of its simplicity.

Gmail is powered by Google and it’s completely secured to use.

Just sign up for Google Account and get your own email id.

The best part is, only Google is providing the highest storage for every single account, 15GB.

You can learn more deeply into it, just go to YouTube and learn more.

Microsoft Office Word:

One of the most useful and necessary applications in every company is MS Word. All the applications, notices, letters are written on this. Even when you’ll make your CV, you should know it very well.

These are the only tools that going to help you at every moment in your office. Even if you’re going to take meeting notes then of course you can use it.

Mostly the text formats, page layouts, spacing, colors, and header-footer is useful. If you’re gonna learn deeply the very good.

Microsoft Excel:

Excel is the most powerful and necessary tool to know.

Excel is a data analyzer tool that use to get data according to the requirements.

And believe me, it’s very easy to use. Just you have to do well practice with it.

Then you’ll be able to make your data structured as you need.

You don’t have to learn more deeply if you are working on an official post like a manager, storekeeper, or like that.

You just need some filter function & conditional filters, some formulas like SUM, AVERAGE, IF, COUNT, CONCATENATE, VLOOKUP, etc.

And of course page layout and printing settings, like print areas and so on.

You also can learn more about the header, footer, and their fixed features as well.


Doing a presentation in front of clients and office bosses is a great skill.

And not only this if you make it beautiful and well documentary, but it can also be positive to you and your company.

So, before you get a job learn it, and with this practice to do public speaking as well.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is an offline-based application and Google Slide is an online presentation tool.

There are so many tutorials available on the internet to learn it.

Banking System:

All the transactions are doing online, even without going to the banks.

So, you also have to learn online banking and its systems.

Mostly the methods of payments like IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, and UPI module.

How they work, what are the limits, and timing?

IMPS or Immediate Payment Service are used to make payments immediately any time anywhere.

But it has some limitations as well.

Some banks allow 5Lacs in a day, and some are 40lacs.

But at a time you can send maximum amounts of 2lacs.

NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer is another payment method. It can be done within bank time and with no minimum limits to a maximum of 10lacs. NEFT transactions are done by bankers hourly, and it can take up to 72hours.

RTGS or Real-time gross settlement is for huge amounts of transactions. It can be done within bank time and verified within bank time.

And this type of transaction is verified from bank to bank. RTGS transaction is verified within 30 minutes of receiving the fund transfer request.

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