How to Unlist Phone number from Truecaller

Truecaller is a good caller identity app, but for some security reason, I have to uninstall the app.

And not only this, for my personal privacy I have to unlist my number from truecaller.

When someone was calling me, the caller able to get my name, email, location, address, and designation as well. And that’s why I was getting too many spam calls and emails related to my work.

So, finally one day I got the link to unlist my truecaller identity.

After uninstalling the truecaller account was still working, so before unlist my number I have to deactivate my truecaller account, then I able to unlink my number by following the steps…

To deactivate the account navigate to Tap on the 3 stripe menu > Settings > Privacy Center

Then go to “”

Then type your number, and click on UNLIST PHONE NUMBER

I Hope, you did it… 🙂