How to Write a CV for Job Application

Getting a Job is awesome!

But before you get a call for an interview, you have to submit a curriculum vitae or CV.

And here’s your challenge is begins.

More than 79% of CVs are canceled just for the first impression of your CV.

So, your CV should be more than perfect for anyone did.

Here I am giving you some important basic guides to making your CV perfect.

Length of the CV

How long your CV should be, one or two?

If you send out your one page CV, and you get rejected due to lack of experiences.

If you send out your two page CV, and you get rejected due to having lots of unnecessary details.

So, make sure that your CV length as short as it to be enough descriptive of your details.

Best CV Format

Well, Formatting a CV is the best key to attract your recruiter.

So, make sure your fonts are simple and formal to the reader.

Font sizes are not too short or large. The normal font size for the paragraphs is 11 to 12pt.

And for Name and title heading 14 to 16pt is well enough.

Use bold headlines or titles, and uppercase if your CV suite with other paragraphs.

Below I,m giving you a sample of my CV Template copy.

And that’s helped me to get a few interview calls.
Download the Template