If Your Phone Falls into the Water

Follow these steps to save your phone if it falls into the water.
In summer, you might go swimming, diving, and rafting for fun.
It would be a disaster if your phone accidentally fell into the water!
Do you know what you should do the very moment this happens?
Let’s see if what you do is correct or not!
Step 1: Take your phone out of the water as fast as possible
Grab it out of the water immediately. Don’t shake it or else water would seep through the surface and damage the internal components.
Step 2: Turn off your phone immediately
Turn off your phone as soon as you can, and pull out the SIM card and the SD card.
Step 3: Dry the surface
Place your phone horizontally, and put a soft cloth or facial tissue over the surface of your phone to absorb any moisture. When most of the moisture has been absorbed, wipe your phone until it’s clean.
Step 4: Put it in a dry and well-ventilated place
Put your phone in a dry and well-ventilated place with the screen facing upward, and keep it tilted with the front camera higher than the lower end.
Step 5: Take your phone to the service center for testing
After taking the above steps, take your phone to the local customer service center as soon as possible where maintenance engineers can carry out professional tests on it.

Photos Courtesy: bestproducts.com