Make Money Career Guide for Startup in India 2021

Make money is simple if you convert your knowledge to practice. Yes, you can make money while practicing as well.

And today I am going to tell you the exact process to make money. And I promise you that if you implement any one technique from the list I’m going to introduce, you can earn at least 100 dollars per month.

This is gonna be a best career guide article for you.

So, let’s jump to the best choices for you.

1 Blogging

Nowadays Blogging is one of the best platforms to make money online from home.

And not only from home, but you can also continue your blogging from any place in the world.

You just need a computer or laptop and a basic internet connection.

So, funny Nah!

Exactly, Blogging is as simple as you think. Just export your knowledge by writing articles.

Now you may want to know how you can make money from it, right!

As I told you before, you can make money from your article as well.

There are two methods to earn by doing blogging.

The first one is to write for other blogging sites and get paid for it.

And another one is, make your own blog site and write for yourself.

The first one is for those who want to make money for a limited period, and don’t have any passion for it.

But if you want to write for money and are passionate about it, then the personal blogging site is the best option for you.

And personally, I will recommend you to create a personal blogging site and export all your knowledge into it.

Believe me, your words will make money for you.

And nowadays WordPress is one of the platforms to start blogging.

Here is the way to make money from blogging

1.1 Promote Products and make money

Suppose you’re a chartered accountant, and you’re really experienced in tax and accounting.

Then write some content that may help the businessman to save their businesses from tax penalties and red alerts.

And this way you can recommend them some [well known] companies who might help them to manage their GST and tax returns on time, and avoid the penalties.

And this way your content will help them in a relevant way.

Now you may be thinking, where is your earning?

Don’t worry, when you refer the people to another company they will give you some commission to promote them or referring to a customer.

For example, I have a website and I have written an article on “Best Headphones under 500” and here I added an Amazon link to the products. Which must be an affiliate referral link.

When someone buys the products from my link, I’ll get the commission to promote it from Amazon.

So, if you go this way you can earn a good commission every month.

Here is the complete guide How to Start a WordPress Blog

1.2 Promote Your Company

Suppose you have a business consultancy company, and helping big companies to grow their products by running ads on social media.

Then you have to promote your company as well.

So, by doing blogging you can promote your company without investing money in paid social media ads.

Just write some relevant article that helps people to solve their problems.

But indirectly you’ll add your company services, like “Here are the best business consultancy companies in Mumbai

And you’ll refer the customer to your company contact page or Portfolio page then the customer might be interested to get services from you.

Even you can write for other companies and get paid for it.

2 Local Tutor

People are getting worried about their careers and searching for a good tutors.

And if you’re good at your subject, then please make an announcement and start teaching people.

No matter where you are. Because everywhere you can teach students.

Here are some examples for you.

  • Subjective Teacher (English,Maths,Science,History,Geography,etc)
  • Civil Service Exam Tutor
  • Computer Teacher
  • Drawing Teacher
  • Dance Teacher
  • Makeup Artist
  • Tax and Accounting Teacher (CA)

So, I am sure that you get an idea of where to start, and how it will work.

Start teaching from your locality and make money every month while teaching.

3 Online Tutor

Nowadays everyone is getting online and people love to learn online.

And it has some great benefits for the students.

  • Students can learn anywhere anytime
  • There are no limits to access.
  • Will get updated content

So, if you have a smartphone or computer then make some video content and upload them to your personal website and sell them

Or, you don’t have a website then you can go to Udemy, Unacademy, Byju, or any online learning platform and upload them.

Even you can upload them on YouTube if you’re not getting approval to upload on any learning platform.

Obviously, the platform will take some commission but if your content is good then there is no limit for it.

You will get a huge amount of students, and get paid for it also.

4 Article Writer

Article writing is one of my favorite hobbies.

And the fact is I was getting paid for it.

Yes, I was writing content for others and charge them for every word.

If you’re good and experienced in any industry then write an article for others and get paid for it.

Yes, still so many companies are hiring people just to write articles.

Now you may think who will hire you, and how you know?

There are so many websites where you can go and get hired.

Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, and so many websites are out there.

Just sign up there and make some gigs, and get hired.

Even so many blogging websites also hiring serious people as content writers.

Such as, Medium, etc.

Go to their “write for us” page and apply with your demo content.

“Make sure your demo content is best for them, your content will convince them, so make it relevant and well organized.”

If you get approved then you will get paid for every single word you wrote.

5 Ebook Writer and Sale Online

Hey, are your expertise in your field? And not getting any jobs.

Don’t worry, I have a great idea for you.

Why don’t you write an E-Book?

Yes, Ebook!

I’m sure that you’re really passionate about your study. And you did so much research on it.

And you have some massive ideas to express.

If all these are applicable to you then please write an eBook and publish it.

Nowadays people are getting bored with reading books, but they love to read the eBook on mobile.

And that’s why I am forcing you to write an eBook.

Make a soft copy of your experienced and knowledge and acquire them in a book.

And sold them on any online shopping website.

On Amazon or Flipkart there are so many Ebooks available. You won’t believe that they are selling those for the last 10 years.

And people are buying them.

So, don’t waste your time write an eBook and sold them on Amazon or Flipkart.

You can run ads on Facebook to acquire some interested people.

This will charge some money from you, but once your book got viral. Your journey will never get the end.

6 Event Planner

Becoming an Event Planner is an all-time best career option for graduates.

And nowadays there are so many opportunities to start an event planner company in India.

The best part is you don’t need to have much money on hand.

Even you can start it from zero money as well.

I would suggest you do some research on the internet, how it works, and watch some YouTube videos as well.

And get some ideas from it. I know it is now a one-man job.

But you can start your own.

First of all, you can start a consultancy service, then if they are convinced then gram the deal.

There are so many companies who are finding people who arrange the event or programs.

Nowadays most companies do monthly or quarterly seminars to promote their products and they need permanent event planner companies who will take care of all these.

And this is your best opportunity. Just start and give your best.

If you’re able to make it successfully happens, believe me, they will hire you next time.

Here are some ideas you can pick.

  • Wedding Planner
  • Birth Day Celebration Planner
  • Seminar Arrangement
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Yearly Meetups
  • Annual Programs for Institution, Club, Universities

Even you can promote yourself on Facebook, or any other social media.

That you’re starting an Event Planner Companies and take care of all types of programs.

So, what are you thinking?

If you’re good at them then start thinking now, where to start and who might be helping to start your Event Planner Company

6 Photographer

A career as a Photographer might be a great choice for you.

If you’re a nature lover, obviously you’re. Then this might be a good career option for you.

Nowadays online photos are getting huge need on the internet.

Not only that there are so many online platforms are coming like Tik Tok, Vigo, and people are making videos on them.

And while a person became famous they finding people who are experts on the photograph and video recording.

Ya, and they hired them to make regular video content.

If you’re not interested to become a cameraman for others.

Then you can sell your photos on the internet.

Yes, this is true, there are so many websites where you can sell your creative images.

And make money from it.

Some popular websites are,, and so many.

Just sign up there and submit your photos.

They are paying $100 for a single photo as well.

This depends on your picture quality and creativity.

So, if your good at it, then go and sign up now.

This is not enough, you can start your own business as well.

Shoot photos for Weddings, Birth Day parties, Seminars, Yearly Events on Universities. They also so have opportunities to make money.

As I told you earlier at Event Planner option, this could be a great opportunity to patch up with them get an order from them without any advertisement.

Just find yourself and start making money today.

7 Makeup Artist

Becoming a Makeup Artist will be a good option for girls.

Ya, boys could be good artists but as compare to market requirements girls are doing make-up frequently.

And, as Indian market girls will not be friendly do makeup from boys, as to maintain privacy.

I will not recommend a boy to become a Makeup artist even you’re good at this.

Girls should pick this option as a career.

And I am sure, this could be a massive choice for anyone.

Nowadays there a huge amount of requirements to make artist in all the industries.

Film, Serial, Drama, Stage Program, Wedding, Birth Day Parties, Meetup, College Event, and so many.

All the places need makeup artists.

And that’s why there are a huge amount of requirements out there.

So, if you’re a girl and passionate about it then learn it quickly very well. And become a Makeup Artist.

If there are no local tutors, don’t worry you can learn from YouTube.

Even there are so many websites as well, some of them are free, and paid as well.

Obviously, the paid content is much better than free.

If you could offer this the paid content then it will be fine for you.

Some paid online sites that I would recommend are,,, etc.

8 Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is a business module that allows you to sell products without keeping products in stock.

And the best part is its international business module. You can sell products all over the world.

You just need an online store, take orders from retails and third-party suppliers will do the rest.


The most popular CMS is Shopify to make a Dropshipping store.

You can start just purchasing a domain suitable for your store and pick a Shopify plan.

That’s all.

There is so many free themes in the dashboard, just pick one and start customization you need.

After this add some products into the store.

And then the final step, promotion. Setup an ads campaign on Facebook and generate sales.

There are so many tutorials on  YouTube, watch them, and get some practical knowledge.

For any kind of issues let me know us.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Local Ecommerce Business
  • Website Flipping
  • Digital Marketing Service
  • Designer
  • Short Film
  • Short Film Director
  • Interior Design
  • Side Roll
  • Dubbing Voice
  • Gym Trainer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Business
  • Tour Guide
  • Create Subtitles for existed Videos


#1 Affiliate Marketing: Input Affiliate links to your targeted keywords into the article.

#2 Email Marketing: When your articles become widely, then you can capture emails by empowering them into a free subscriber.

And this email list will help you to convert from subscribers to customers.

You can promote any books, products, services related to your blogs.

#3 Product Sales: When you know about something deeply then similarly you can convince the customers to purchase your products by writing an article on the particular product you want to sell.

And these techniques mostly work for the companies available on the market.