Public WIFI Security Tips

Are you using public WIFI regularly?

How to stay safe on public WiFi ?

Are you using unprotected Wi-Fi for free data?

How to protect Personal Wi-Fi from the wifi seekers?

Then read it carefully, because your data can be leaked through the public wifi.

Important Guide to use Public WIFI

Free Wi-Fi! Is it secured? Sometimes it is. But sometimes it’s not secured.
So, if you’re not sure about it then please ignore the free Wi-Fi
connection (Public Place, Café, Local Bus Stop, Railways). The fact is most of them
Private Wi-Fi connections are secured with WPA/WPA2 security.
So, why we will trust on unsecured Wi-Fi! For your clearance let’s see what happened
when we are using unsecured Wi-Fi connection-

By Using unsecured Public Wi-Fi connection a hacker can do –

  1. Attackers can see your contact, gallery, emails, and might blackmail you.
  2. Unwantedly they can captures photos without any pop-up.
  3. Can capture your user id and password
  4. Track your Phone/Computer, and can maintain a data what are you doing or which website are you mostly visits, and plan an attack from these websites.
  5. Send a spam on your phone or might malware attack on your Phone.
  6. Can hijack your ids’ and send unofficial emails to others from your id.
  7. Can control your web browser and redirect a webpage where you might give away your personal information you are giving away online, including your login information, banking details, etc.

Some tips to use Wi-Fi connection and Online Transaction:

  1. While accessing Public Wi-Fi avoid the websites where you have to log in or you have to give your personal information such as Social account, Online Banking, emails, etc.
  2. If you should log in, then first check the website is secures with “https”, even these are secured but not foolproof.
  3. If you have to make an online banking transaction then prefer a secured Wi-Fi even you have to pay for this.
  4. Disable the file sharing option on your Laptop/ Mobile.
  5. Don’t use a dictionary word for your password; use a strong password with the combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Special Character, and Numeric.
  6. Use a different password for your every account.
  7. Avoid checking ‘Remember me’, ‘Remember password’, ’Keep me logged in’ boxes.
  8. Manually connect to Wi-Fi connection, disable automatically connect to Wi-Fi.
  9. Use an updated antivirus for your Computer and Mobile Security for Mobiles.
  10. Always be updated with your operating systems, Update your Mobile from official websites or Manually from System Update.

Some Tips to Protect Personal Wi-Fi / Router Connection from others:-

  • Make sure you have chosen the WPA or WPA2 Security (The most stronger Wi-Fi Connection)
  • Make a strong password with the combination of Captial Alphabets, Small Alphabets, Special Character & Numbers. And don’t choose any Grammarly word or name, choose a random password, heavy to guess any unknown persons.
  • Change your Wi-Fi password regularly to make it more
  • Don’t make any QR Code for your Wi-Fi.
  • If you wanna share your Wi-Fi Connection to other’s mobile then input the password manually, and individually, no need to tell the person.
  • Disable the WPS Connect option.
  • Keep following Wi-Fi networks, if they’re having any parallel networks same as your network then take action immediately and change your network’s name.

Hope these can help you much. If you have any query then please leave a comment.