SEO Techniques to Improve Organic Traffic in 2022

Are you ready to get powerful SEO Techniques to increase 10x your search traffic even faster?

Nowadays, SEO is a major strategy that you should follow every step you write an article.

Yes, every step. Don’t worry here I’ll give you the perfect techniques.

Follow the steps below and grow your search traffic quickly.

On-Page SEO Techniques

1 Focus Keyword Optimization

The focus keyword is the search term that you want to rank a post or page. When people search for the keyword or phrase they will get you on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

So, this became so important for any post or page. And before you pick a keyword as a focus keyword do some research and analyze them.

I would recommend you to use some tools available on the internet.

Some of them are free and some pro tools are paid.

The tool I personally use to do keyword research is SEMrush. It’s a paid tool but it gives me great results and accuracy.

You can use Google Keyword Planner, as your primary keyword tool.

And this is the all-time best tool that you can use.

But this keyword tool does not give accurate keyword volume. So, you can use Ahref or SEMrush as your keyword research tool.

2 Optimize Post Title

Post Title is the identity of an article. And you should make it very catchy and relevant.

Title optimization is not a big deal, it’s easy.

Just follow a few steps and done,

2.1 Focus Keyword in the Title

Target a focus keyword for your article, that describes the whole content in a word, or a sentence.

Just to simplify you more, suppose this article is about SEO techniques and here I am writing a list of techniques to get more search traffic. So, here I will go with “SEO Techniques“.

And simply put the keyword in this article.

Such as, Powerful SEO Techniques That’ll Improve Organic Search Traffic.

2.2 Use Sub Keyword on Your Post Title:

Side by side you should find some sub keyword as well, and add them to the title.

The Sub keyword actually helps readers to understand the content specifically.

Such as, here I used the keyword “improve organic search traffic“.

2.3 Positive Keyword SEO Techniques

Third, add some positive keywords to the title.

A positive keyword means engaging the keyword.

Such as Powerful, Actionable, Effective, Beginner, Advance, Top, Review, etc

That increases the number of clicks, and it’s worked very well.

2.4 Use Number in The Title

Add some numbers to the title.

Suppose you are writing a tutorial-type article and there having some very powerful steps then you can use the number of steps and give a suitable title.

Such as – How to Make a WordPress site in Just 15 Steps, How to make egg roll in 15 minutes, Youtube SEO techniques to improve Subscribers in 2020, How to Make a Free Website in 2020

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3 Optimize Article URL

Day by day Google or every search engine algorithm is changing.

A short URL is a better option to get a positive ranking result, but is it enough?

No, you should follow some rules, and here I am giving you the one tip.

  • The URL should be shorter and relevant. The shorter URL is getting better ranking results than a bigger URL.
  • When you add some keyword to the URL then it’s called Keyword Rich URL.
    So add the focus keyword on the URL. As before I discussed, the focus keyword is a great option for you that you can use everywhere.
  • Adding some numbers on the URL is also a better option.
    If your focus keyword does not make it enough then you can number, such as year, list number, steps number, etc.

4 Article Optimization

4.1 Use Proper Headings

Google loves the articles to have properly structured, and also uses the proper headings.

So, to get a better ranking to use the proper heading structures. Not only that if you use the headings accordingly it will be more acceptable for readers.

Headings are using to wrap up the headings and make them different from the rest article.

Google fetches the headings and understands that what the paragraph about is.

Such as, when you add the important headlines then use the h2, on third line headings use the h3 heading as a subheading.

So, If you really care about your content then use the heading properly, and get a massive positive result quickly.

  • The first paragraph should shorter and relevant to the article
  • Use the focus keyword on the first paragraph of the Article
  • Write relevant and descriptive Content only, no need to make it longer
  • Use Table of Content
  • Keep paragraph short and friendly
  • Use You and me on the Article
  • Ask questions yourself on the article ( Shall I, Do you have any idea, etc)
  • Use headings and subheadings to make the article structured
  • Write a conclusion for each of the article
  • Add Questions top of the post after the first paragraph
  • Use Quality Images
  • Resource Page link building (Wiki, related to the industries)
  • Use long-tail keywords on the article (from SERP bottom)
  • Add FAQ to make it more acceptable to a reader (also helps to rank)
  • Use Image and infographics
  • Use the right alt tag and keyword in your image
  • Add image resource link to avoid image copyright issues
  • Add [Related: Link ] were applicable

5 SEO Audit

5.1 Meta Description of SEO Techniques

This is what will appear as the description when this post shows up in the search results.

And that’s why you should optimize your meta description because before someone clicked on your article they could find some short info about the article.

And not only that Google fetches the meta description as well, if your meta description is optimized then you have a better chance to get ranked.

So, How can you optimize, and what should you follow?

Here are the basic techniques to follow,

First, write a meta description that in short described what the whole article is about.

Second, input the focus keyword on the meta description as well.

Yes, on a survey we found that the meta description including the focus keyword has better ranking results.

Third, add some sub keyword as well.

To make the meta description more effective add some sub-keywords, but a maximum of 3 to 4 keywords.

Fourth, but not least, add an actionable keyword at the end of the meta description.

Such as, follow the steps, read more, etc. Do some research to get more ideas.

And the last, the meta description should not be e exceeds 150 words.

5 Clean Technical SEO Problems  (Site Audit)

  • Optimize Images
  • Use CDN
  • Optimize Font Size and Weight
  • Avoid using rush plugins
  • Use a lightweight theme
  • Remove Broken links from your content (Expired or 303 Redirect Link)
  • Delete Underperformance Pages (Low pages good for SEO)
  • Remove contents that slow down your site speed (Post or Pages)
  • For mobile-friendly use WPTouch or AMP

Off-Page Optimization

  • Make backlink to Authority Website related  to your industries
  • Check your site on “GTMetrix” and solve the issues
  • Encourage others trusted site to link to you (Email Outreach)

Bonus Tips

  • Hack Wikipedia for keyword research
  • Use Ubersuggest for content Ideas
  • Use Amazon, Reddit for keyword research, Quora, wiki,
  • Use Google suggest
  • CTR- improve: Long Post, #Addon little, Addon Niche, term
  • Dwell Time: Pause Content to top, add catchy featured images to get interested…
  • Get an idea from youtube, wiki, Amazon, Bing
  • Reduce Bounce Rate (Webmaster tool / By Improve your content)
  • Use Adword to optimize for CTR
  • Pay attention to surf features
  • Use people ask for, from Google to use question on your blog post
  • Update your old content
  • Find your competitors SEO keywords
  • Write Unique content consistently to improve your ranking